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very Dennison Corporation is a global manufacturer and distributor of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials. Avery Dennison businesses are unified by the shared vision of making brands more inspiring and the world more intelligent. Throughout the world, Avery Dennison focus on making products more engaging, brands more compelling, inventories more productive, information more valuable and our surroundings more understandable. Avery Dennison sets the standard high with cutting edge technology to set global packaging trends across multiple industries.

Avery Dennison functional pressure-sensitive adhesive label and packaging materials enhance shelf-appeal of food, beverages, health and beauty products while providing consumers with important information. We draw on the latest scientific advancements and years of manufacturing expertise to deliver coated and uncoated papers, films that meet customers’ diverse needs and requirements.

Avery Dennison is leading global producer of brand identification and labeling solution for both business and consumers. Global leadership. Local Reliability. Supporting industry growth.Scaled to deliver result. Fast Response. Innovative Business Solution. Founded in 1935 by STAN AVERY.

  • Over 200 manufacturing and distribution facilities located in more than 50 countries. Product sales in over 89 countries.
  • Manufacturing plant and one distribution center in India. Dedicated Sales, Marketing and Technical personnal for pre sales and after sales service. Food, Beverage, Beer, Wine and Spirits, Household Products, Garments Labels Health and Beauty, Durable, Pharmaceutical, goods tracking, fleet and architecture, Promotional Advertising, traffic and safety etc.

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